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Luminesce is an advanced Anti-Ageing skincare range that uses the latest innovations in stem-cell technology for skin rejuvenation. As we age, the production of natural rejuvenation factors within your skin is reduced, most noticeably through free radical activity, inflammation, dehydration, lifestyle & environmental factors, intensifying the visible effects of ageing. The proprietary Luminesce growth factor complex comprises human adipose derived adult stem cell conditioned serum– the first of its kind in Australia. This technology helps stimulate your body’s natural ability to replenish, moisturise and rejuvenate the appearance of your skin. The re-introduction of these factors through the daily application of Luminesce products containing more than 200 growth factors encourages your skin to replace dead, damaged skin cells with healthy ones. Part of the natural ageing process also means that dermal fibroblast cells become dormant, your skin loses its natural elasticity and circulation lessens. Luminesce cellular rejuvenation serum helps activate dermal fibroblast cells and works in tandem with your body’s natural processes to stimulate the production of more collagen, elastin and other matrix proteins that are important for renewing your skin. The Luminesce range has been especially formulated to help fight this ageing process. As well as a body lotion, the Luminesce Essential Body Renewal, the skincare range consists of a Cellular Rejuvenation Serum, a Daily Moisturising Complex, an Advanced Night Repair as well as a Youth Restoring Cleanser. For more information please visit my website at or contact me at 416 267-8901 or email:
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Thực phẩm chức năng AM & PM Essentiala Réserve chống lão hóa
Sữa rữa mặt phục hồi da Luminesce Cleanser Kem dưỡng thể Luminesce Body Lotion
Kem dưỡng da ban đêm Luminesce Night Cream Kem dưỡng da ban đêm Luminesce Night Cream
Kem xóa bọng mắt nếp nhăn quầng thâm vĩnh viễn Eye Firming Gel Luminesce Jeunessce Kem trắng da tức thì LUMINESCE Flawless Skin Brightener
Huyết thanh tế bào gốc chống lão hóa Luminesce Serum dạng gói Zen body giảm cân nhanh an toàn
Huyết thanh trẻ hóa tế bào Luminesce Serum Instantly Ageless chửa xóa nếp nhăn bọng mắt tức thì
Kem dưỡng da ban ngày Luminesce Daily Finiti Chống lão hóa phục hồi Telomere
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