Best Stem Cell SkinCare By Jeunesse and Dr.Newman

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Xuất bản 13/12/2015
Do you want to look and feel young again? The key to your anti-aging quest is stem cell technology. Aging. This is a topic that affects everyone. What if there is a revolutionary solution? The answer: stem cell. Stem cells are our fountains of youth. These are what maintain our bodies' repair and regenerative abilities. As we age every cell in our bodies breaks down, and it needs to be replaced and what replaces it is stem cell. By using stem cells a company has developed a special growth factor complex that heals ourselves and slow down the aging process. The process begins with the search for the best stem cells in human body. The stem cells are found within the body's fat layer. By using a sterile and specialized syringe doctors extract a mixture of fatty tissues and a group of healthy stemcells. Lab technicians then separate stem and fat cells by using a centrifuge system. From here the stem cells are placed in a dish and given food they need to grow. As the stem cells grow, they multiply quickly, filling in any gaps or holes. This is very similar to have a body heal wounds. During this phase, the stem cells release a chemical signal or what is called a growth factor. GF are the cells language. This is how thousands of cells communicate, enabling each other to do one vital function : repair and regenerate tissues in the body. Growth Factors are the critical ingredient used in the revolutionary youth enhancing system developed by a global leader in this technology. The company is Jeunesse. The state of the art product is Luminesce. Stem cell technology is very important to medicine and the cosmetic industry because it is allowing us to deliver to the body exactly the same growth factor, the same signal that it needs to repair and regenerate the tissues. When Luminesce is applied to your skin, growth factors in the Luminesce product talks to your body cells. The result: a healthier, much younger, better looking YOU!
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