Your Only Chance To Start Your New Business RIGHT! - Jeunesse 1-Year Ambassador Starter Package!

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Xuất bản 12/11/2016
Hi, my name is HockChong, a Jeunesse distributor. I want to recommend you to consider this “One-Year Ambassador Package”. This special package is exclusive to new distributors only. And now is your ONLY chance to sign up with this package. To start a business right & at the top, this 1-Year Ambassador Package is the best way to go. This is the package our leadership team recommends to people who are serious to start their business big & fast. Why? You get all the products & save quite a bit of money. In addition, you get all the bonuses available for a full 180 days, to allow you more time to focus building your business. It’s up to you to build this business - either slow & painful, or fast & easy. So, let’s look at the great benefits you receive with this package. First, you get a complete product range up to 5 month supply of premium Jeunesse products. Not only you enjoy them yourself, you are able to share them with all your family members. Isn’t it important everyone in your family stays healthy inside, and look great outside? By using all the products, you will be excited about the results you get. With the actual products in your hands, later you are then able to use them as samples to show to your prospects. The best is, you & your family enjoy all these premium products at the saving of $2,570. You will know by purchasing Jeunesse products as a package instead of individually allows you to enjoy heavily-discounted prices up to 40%. This 1-year Ambassador package allows you to save the most! Besides the saving you made, you also get TO EARN with this package. You gain a Maximized Earning up to 180 days. This package gains you Paid Rank of Sapphire for 180 days, allowing you to earn 3 levels of Leadership Matching Bonuses for 6 months. At the same time, you also received the Longest Activation, which is to keep your account active for 12 months. Your account is automatically kept active for 12 months for you to qualify for bonuses. PERFECT for hassle-free business building. With 12-month activation, you make a tremendous saving. Each month auto-ship is worth $127, which is, for 12 months, $1,524. When you add in each delivery fee of $12 per trip, which is $144. You save a total of $1,668 on annual auto-ship. So, how much do you want to invest in your new business? Original Cash Value = $6,769 Saving = $2,570 Your investment in this 1-Year Ambassador Package is only $4,199. For $4,199, you’re investing in a business opportunity that can potentially help you make thousands, 10 of thousands, or hundred of thousands dollars. And you want to make sure you start it right. This 1-Year Ambassador Package is definitely the best way to start your new business right. Talk to your sponsor. He/she will help you draw up a business plan to help you recuperate the return of this investment as fast as you wish! Welcome to Jeunesse Global Business Opportunity! Contact: Oh Hock-Chong Email: Tel: +65 8333 8821
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