Jeunesse Luminesce - What You NEED To Know Before Buying!

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Xuất bản 24/02/2016 - Jeunesse Luminesce Hey guys, Michael Danyluk here, The reason you have probably landed on this video is you want to know more about the Jeunesse Luminescence line. Now in this video, I am going to teach you about the anti aging process, so you can understand what make the Jeunesse skin care line so unique. So, a little bit about myself, I have actually been in the health and wellness industry for about 5 to 6 years and in that amount of time, I've been able to generate myself enough of an income that I don't have to work anymore. So needless to say I have done a lot of research with how your body works on the inside and how your body works on the outside and to understand why our creams work so well, you first need to understand how the anti aging process works. It all starts with collagen. Now collagen is what your skin produces that keeps the elasticity in your skin, preventing wrinkles, keeps your skin nice and smooth, nice and soft and it also keeps that blood circulation going so you don't get those dark circles underneath your eyes. So one thing our product does, is it helps re add that collagen back into your face, another important fact about our Luminesce line, is it has human growth factors in it. Now what a human growth factor is, is it actually helps your skin rebuild and repair itself at a cellular level, thus physically taking 5, 10, even 15 years off your face. So that is what our skin cream is, it is literally the natural solution to Botox. A lot of products have 10, 20, or 30 human growth factors in it, we have patent pending technology on 200 human growth factors and we re add that collagen so we literally take, 10, 15 off your skin physically at the cellular level, not just cosmetically where you cover it up but before make up, before all that. So I hope you found that useful about the product, if you enjoyed this video, like it, comment on it, feel free to share it with your friends. If you are interested in knowing where you can get Luminesce line, visit the link below at On that page you are going to get access to a quick video that is going to explain exactly how the Luminesce line works, and the research behind it, the Nobel prizes on the research nand just how its going benefit you. I really appreciate you taking the time to check out this video, click the link below if you want get some of that product for yourself or just to truly understand how it works. I really think you are going to enjoy it, I really think you are going to like it. See ya So if you can do that, it is literally the naturally solution to Botox. Check out our channel
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Giới thiệu Jeunesse VN Jeunessevn kinh doanh độc lập với mong muốn đem đến giá thành tốt nhất có thể dành cho người tiêu dùng, chất lượng sản phẩm, giá thành hợp lý, uy tín là tiêu chí của Jeunessevn. Không như những câu chuyện cũ về chăm sóc da và thực phẩm bổ...

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