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Xuất bản 13/12/2015
Ever heard of Telomeres? Well, you will soon, thanks to the worlds leading geneticist, Bill Andrews! Dr. Oz did a segment last week about Bill's research and breakthrough in age reversal. Hear Bill explain telomeres! Go to the links below and check out the science & Now here is a testimonial from my dear friend Christy and her husband Chris who saw improvement in just two weeks. The first time in many years! I've been sleeping like a baby every night and my pain level (back, knee, wrists and neck) has been greatly reduced! The aches and pains that had become "normal" are quickly becoming a distant memory. My fingernails are getting stronger, and I've got a lot of new hair growth along my hairline. I have amazing calm and steady energy during the day, even though I've been crazy busy! Chris has been suffering from peripheral neuropathy from his back surgeries for the last 2 years. He's seeing remarkable results in his pain level. His left foot pain has been a constant 8-10 on the pain scale. It's now 2-4. Some days he doesn't have any pain, and that is a welcome FIRST! He's also not frequenting the rest room as much during the night. ~Christy B These profound experiences, along with those of several people I know here on Maui are proof that this stuff works! We have an alzheimers patient who's regaining her memory and a diabetic who's getting off his insulin after only 3 weeks on the product.
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Giới thiệu Jeunesse VN Jeunessevn kinh doanh độc lập với mong muốn đem đến giá thành tốt nhất có thể dành cho người tiêu dùng, chất lượng sản phẩm, giá thành hợp lý, uy tín là tiêu chí của Jeunessevn. Không như những câu chuyện cũ về chăm sóc da và thực phẩm bổ...

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