Infinity Anti-Aging Plus!

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Xuất bản 13/12/2015 - INFINITY(TM) Anti Aging Division Introduces A REVOLUTIONARY Multi Purpose Formula With Telomere, RNA/DNA & STEM CELL Nutrition Support Combined To Help Fight The Ravages Of Aging From The Inside Out! Our website is intended to walk you through exactly why you are in the right spot at the right time. Breakthroughs in science and business occur throughout time in an often unpredictable way. One can go as far back as the Industrial Revolution and to present revolutions in communication, medicine and other fields of science and business. This revolutionary development places you at the center. Plus doctors and solid business people are behind this endeavor. Emergent Health Corp., a public company trading under the ticker EMGE, has created this Infinity(TM) Anti Aging Division to help you advance whatever is possible for you both in longevity as well as income. As you will see when you read our website, we are not afraid to talk about the solid science behind our product as well as one of the most lucrative compensation plans ever designed. Infinity(TM) Plus Anti-Aging Support is a special scientifically formulated product with added longevity features that we think is one of the most unique on the market. Adult stem cells have been proven to be the natural renewal system of the body coming from your own bone marrow depots. With aging, these adult stem cells decline in circulation. Just two capsules daily could help increase adult stem circulation based upon studies on its ingredients in the literature. These new circulating adult stem cells could translate into billions of new tissue cells. Such adult stem cells have the ability to create new skin tissue, new heart tissue, new pancreas tissue, new lung tissue and just about any other tissue your body requires. It is feasible that each of these new tissue cells have telomeres that are longer than what they replaced. A decrease in such telomere length has been been proven to be associated with aging. To make this more understandable, telomeres are commonly likened to the plastic tips on shoelaces and protect chromosomes from damage and decrease each time a cell divides and replicates. The length of telomeres is directly linked to age. When we are born our telomeres are long, but they shorten with each cell cycle as cells continually divide. Telomere length is the nearest measure that science has ever found to determine lifespan in humans, horses, dogs and cats. It acts as an internal hour glass or biological clock for aging. So in addition to addressing circulating adult stem cells as explained above, our Infinity(TM) Plus product covers anti-aging mechanisms heretofore never addressed in a combination product. This includes added trace vitamins, minerals, RNA and DNA. All of the product details are on the product page. The Infinity(TM) Plus product video illustrates the features and benefits. We will let any added health benefits you feel speak for themselves. FACT: The Reverse 1 Up Compensation Plan Out Performs ANY Online Commission Structure Known to Mankind! It Beats Out 2 X 2 Matrixes, ALL Matrixes, Binaries, Unlevel Breakaways, Reverse Funnel Systems, and So Called Automatic Online Builders. Just look over the Compensation Plan page to see how a stream of infinite $50 bills can come your way on a steady residual basis. While our video shows a One Up Compensation Plan as an example for convenience, our Compensation Plan is a Reverse One Up. That means your first Referral goes to YOU and YOU collect that first $50. And to qualify to build an infinite number of infinite down lines, all you need to do is refer the next one to your Sponsor. You will see clearer examples on the Compensation Page as well as how to play fair and everyone wins. Just Referring Three AND You Are In FREE! So be sure to check it out! The psychology of keeping the first referral and putting immediate money in your pocket makes this an almost infallible system when done properly. And we will teach you how! Plus the Infinity(TM) Anti-Aging product you will receive monthly, as we see it, is unmatched. Where else can you find such a powerful combination of Compensation Plan and product? And if you so desire, you can create your own Merchant Account that will permit you to be paid INSTANTLY! This is your time to break out into this new field with a product only available through our website and offering you UNLIMITED POTENTIAL! Now is the time. Just Do It! -
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